Bristol Nursing Home Admissions Suspension Lifted

Friday, August 09, 2013 | 12:38 pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Health announces that the suspension of admissions at Bristol Nursing Home has been lifted effective August 7, 2013. The facility is a120-bed licensed nursing home located at 261 North Street in Bristol.

Reginald Dilliard Named Board of Pharmacy Executive Director

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 | 12:48 pm
Reginald Dilliard, DPH
Reginald Dilliard, DPH

NASHVILLE – Reginald Dilliard, DPH, has been appointed executive director of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy. In this position, Dilliard oversees enforcement of the laws of the state of Tennessee pertaining to the practice of pharmacy; the manufacture, distribution or sale of drugs; and the process of medication use, including but not limited to compounding, selection, preparation, dispensing, education and monitoring of drugs.

Haslam Launches Statewide "Healthier Tennessee" Initiative

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 | 12:14 pm

Newly created foundation to work with local communities to promote health and wellness

JACKSON – Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today announced the launch of “Healthier Tennessee,” an initiative to encourage Tennesseans to be more physically active, to eat nutritious foods in healthy portions, and not to use tobacco products. 

“Tennessee is one of the best places there is to live, work and raise a family, but we also are one of the least healthy states in the nation,” Haslam said.  “Our citizens have high rates of behavior-related diseases such as hypertension and stroke, Type II diabetes, heart disease, and several types of cancer.”

Peer Counselors Key to Breastfeeding Success

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 | 08:05 am

World Breastfeeding Week is Aug. 1-7, 2013                                  

NASHVILLE – While many mothers get off to a good start with breastfeeding a new baby, there is often a sharp drop in breastfeeding rates in the weeks or months after delivery. Community support is essential to help mothers and babies continue the vital practice of breastfeeding. Governor Bill Haslam has declared Aug. 1-7 World Breastfeeding Week in Tennessee to demonstrate the state’s ongoing support of this important public health endeavor. As part of this health observance, the Tennessee Department of Health is emphasizing the importance of peer counseling to the success of breastfeeding for both mothers and babies.

Rebekah English Named Northeast Regional Director

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 | 11:37 am
Rebekah English, RN, MPH
Rebekah English, RN, MPH

NASHVILLE – Rebekah English, RN, MPH, has been appointed the new director of the Tennessee Department of Health’s Northeast Region. She assumes the role after serving as assistant regional director for the TDH Northeast Region since 2010.

TDA and TDH Provide Healthy Tips for Enjoying Summer Fairs

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 03:20 pm

NASHVILLE – Thousands of Tennesseans will be enjoying the sights, sounds and foods of county fairs in the upcoming weeks. And while the Tennessee Department of Health, the Department of Agriculture and other agencies work behind the scenes to help safeguard the health of people and animals, parents and individuals need to take a few moments to prepare for another healthy trip to the fairgrounds.

Livestock exhibits are popular attractions and are an important part of agricultural youth programs and industry. Fairgoers are encouraged to visit these areas while also being mindful that, while the instances are rare, livestock can sometimes spread diseases such as E coli and H3N2 swine flu to humans, especially the elderly, young children, and those with compromised immune systems.

Last year, there were several cases in other states of swine flu infecting pigs and, in some cases, humans who came into contact with them at fairs around the country. To minimize risk, those prone to developing severe complications from influenza or in poor health should limit their exposure to swine.

Include Immunizations in Your Summer Schedule

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 | 02:08 pm
Courtesy:  James Gathany, CDC
Courtesy: James Gathany, CDC

Parents Urged to Make Appointments Now for Vaccinations to Avoid Last-Minute Rush

NASHVILLE – School’s out for summer, and right now Tennessee youngsters and their parents may have camp sessions, vacation and play dates on their minds. But the next school year is just around the corner, and some students will need immunizations before school starts. Tennessee students are required to have a number of immunizations for school attendance, and parents are urged to make appointments now for needed vaccinations to avoid the last-minute rush to get them when the new school year starts.

Disturbing Milestone: 350th Drug-dependent Newborn in Tennessee This Year Starts Painful Withdrawal

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | 02:34 pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Health this month recorded a troubling milestone:  For the 350th time this year, a baby was born in Tennessee dependent on powerful drugs taken during pregnancy. That baby has to endure the painful and often prolonged and very expensive process of withdrawal from addictive drugs.