Scott County Receives $150,000 for Jobs Training

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 | 12:52 pm
Technology Centers Use Recovery Act Funds to Provide Classes in Demand Occupations
NASHVILLE – Scott County residents may soon be eligible to enroll in retraining classes at the Tennessee Technology Center at Oneida/Huntsville if they have recently been terminated from employment as a result of a permanent closure or substantial layoff.
Assistance amounting to $150,000 will bring new classes in Machine Tool Technology, Welding, Electronics, and Truck Driving to the Technology Center so dislocated workers in Scott County can go back to work in fields where jobs are available. The funding is provided through Workforce Investment Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act resources and the Tennessee Technology Centers.
“As we mark the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Recovery Act, it’s good to see the funds are creating opportunities and benefits for Tennesseans in local communities,” said Governor Phil Bredesen.
“The funding of these classes is an investment in the workforce of Scott County,” said Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner James Neeley. “In December 2009, Scott County had the third highest county unemployment rate in the state at 18.8 percent. Many of the unemployed workers in the area are unlikely to return to the industry or occupation in which they previously worked. We are pleased to offer help for these workers to go back to work in a new career in areas where there are skill shortages.”
One of the county’s major employers, Armstrong Hardwood Flooring, announced in February that the company is laying off an additional 260 workers in April. This closure along with several other smaller layoffs has resulted in a net job loss of more than 400 jobs in the county over a several-month period.
“I am grateful to Commissioner Neeley and for the Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s dedication to making funds available for new and expanded classes for the dislocated workers from Armstrong, Great Dane, and QCB located in Scott County,” said Representative Les Winningham. “The Tennessee Technology Center at Oneida/Huntsville will give educational assistance to the people affected by the layoffs in my district to expand their employment opportunities.”
“These funds will provide the Technology Center with the opportunity to train the citizens of Scott County who have been affected by recent layoff announcements. It is important that the state let Scott County know that we will do all we can to not only train the citizens but to find new jobs for them. I want to thank Commissioner Neeley for his prompt response to our request and Dwight Murphy, director for the Tennessee Technology Center at Oneida/Huntsville, for his leadership to make this grant possible,” said Senator Ken Yager.
Dislocated workers in Scott County interested in enrolling in the new classes at the Technology Center at Oneida/Huntsville may contact the school directly at 355 Scott High Drive, Huntsville, TN 37756, phone (423) 663-4900, or apply at the Career Center at Oneida, 180 Eli Lane Oneida, TN 37841, phone (423) 569-9348.

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