Department of Education Using Technology to Bring New Standards to Teachers

Thursday, May 07, 2009 | 11:00 pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Education is pleased to announce the 2009 Spring Content Knowledge Institute. Combining use of the Department’s innovative Electronic Learning Center (ELC) and the Instructional Technology Support Center of Middle Tennessee State University, teachers and administrators will have access to theses training sessions across the state.

“We are taking every advantage of our technology to meet the needs of our teachers as we raise our standards and curriculum as a result of the Tennessee Diploma Project (TDP),” Education Commissioner Dr. Timothy Webb said. “It’s important for us that every teacher feels comfortable with these new standards and the Technology Support Center is a good tool to reach them.”

These content specialty institutes are designed for high priority and target schools and districts. The sessions will focus on content knowledge and effective practices for the new standards being implemented this year as a result of the TDP, which also raised graduation requirements. Each session will be broadcast live via satellite and participants can view them at one of nine sites throughout the state, or via web link at their local school. All sessions will be available for future reference on the Department’s ELC at

“The Tennessee Diploma Project is such an important initiative it’s crucial that we support all of our teachers and administrators as they make this transition to the new standards,” said Dr. Connie Smith, Assistant Commissioner of Accountability, Teaching and Learning. “We are excited to use our own technology, as well as MTSU’s to make this possible.”

Schedule of sessions:

Monday, May 11                        Reading

Tuesday, May 12                      Language Arts

Wednesday, May 13                Mathematics

Thursday, May 14                     Science

For more information and satellite locations, visit

For more information, contact Rachel Woods at (615) 253-1960 or